do you ever just wonder if there’s someone who secretly thinks about you and wants to talk to you but doesn’t know how

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Faster than the wind, passionate as sun, ended so suddenly


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I have these two neighbours and they’re married and they gotta be like in their late 30s and I’m making dinner and I look out the window and they’re running around outside in their pajamas and bare feet with water pistols soaking eachother and laughing so loud it made me realise I’m wasting so much time trying to make relationships perfect when all that’s really needed is someone who will laugh with me for the rest of my life



when did i get this fat


The Grandy Man comes out of nowhere to save the day on this sliding catch!
  • *my team loses by more than 5 runs*
  • me: I hate this game, I hate these players, I'm never watching them again
  • *the next day*
  • me: alright guys you are all so beautiful and I believe in you, lets go out there and win this game!

"Love is an act of endless forgiveness a tender look which becomes a  habit.”